Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood Bank Refrigerator

LABTOP Blood Bank Refrigerators are available in six basic cabinet sizes designed to fit a variety of space and storage requirements Combine Superior refrigeration technology and precise temperature control to ensure reliable blood storage. LABTOP Blood Bank Refrigerators are equipped with Heavy-duty compressors and direct air flow Cooling system to maintain a vital operation temperature of 4 C.

Cabinet Construction and Refrigeration System

CFC Free Poly Urethane Foam insulated cabinet with corrosion resistant stainless steel interior, white powder coated exterior finish, Keyed door lock for improved security with magnetic door gasket, rollout stainless steel blood bag basket, and Air-cooled, hermetically sealed compressor.

Special Features
Micro-controller controls the internal temperature at 4 C with temperature variation within 0.5 C.
Unique air flow system ensure even temperature distribution.
Foamed - in - place CFC Free PUF insulation ensures temperature stability and reduced energy consumption.
Audio visual alarm when the temperature deviates from the preset temperature.
Built in 7 days circular chart temperature recorder.
Stainless steel heavy duty basket ensure even temperature distribution.

  Technical Specification
Models LBR-60 LBR-150 LBR-240 LBR-300 LBR-425 LBR-900
Temperature 4.0 C 4.0 C 4.0 C 4.0 C 4.0 C 4.0 C
Accuracy 0.5 C 0.5 C 0.5 C 0.5 C 0.5 C 0.5 C
Size(WxDxH)cms 40x36x63 50x51x83 58x50x120 64x60x102 64x66x143 128x66x143
Volume 90 ltrs. 120 ltrs. 350 ltrs. 390 ltrs. 600 ltrs. 1200 ltrs.
No. of Baskets Three Four Five Five Seven Fourteen
Blood bags (Aprox.) 60/350 ml. 150/350 ml. 240/350 ml. 300/350 ml. 425/350 ml. 900/350 ml.
Operating Voltage 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC
Recorder Circular Chart Circular Chart Circular Chart Circular Chart Circular Chart Circular Chart

Optional Accessories 
RS-485 interface for multiple networking.
Multi channel with data logging system and battery back up.
Mobile Alert via GSM technology in case of system failure.

NB: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice



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