Stability Test Chamber

Stability Test Chamber

LABTOP ® Stability Test Chambers are especially designed to conduct stability and shelf life studies on drug and drugs substances. In addition to this, Labtop Stability Test Chambers are extensively used for seeds testing, biological studies, testing on electronic & mechanical components, Cement plants, packing industries etc. LABTOP chambers conform to International Standards such as ICH, WHO Guideline, and USFDA requirements.

  • Precise control of temperature and humidity by using CE approved micro controller based

  • PID controller (Imported, Auto tuning type.).

  • Direct digital read-out of % RH with a electronic capacitance type sensor. No wick, cup and
    water (Optional).

  • Refrigeration system with CFC free compressor and R-134a ECO- friendly refrigeration
    system with time delay.

  • PC interface with Windows based communication software. (Optional)

  • Micro controller based programmable timer for chamber illumination. (Optional).

  • Foamed - in - place PUF insulation ensures temperature stability and reduced energyconsumption.

  • Audiovisual alarm if the temperature deviates from the pre set temperature (Optional).

The cabinet of Labtop Chambers are insulated with high density CFC free Poly Urethane Foam. Interior of chambers is mirror finish stainless Steel (304 SS, 0.8 mm thick). The exterior is white powder coated (1.0 mm thick) mild steel and the door has magnetic gasket with a keyed door lock. Stainless steel trays are provided for storage inside. The cooling is effected by hermitically sealed compressor of high quality. GMP models are in total stainless steel (Inside S. S 316 with mirror finished and outside. S 304 dull finish.) is also manufactured by Skylab.

Stand by Refrigeration system Ready to use stand by refrigeration system in case of regular system fails. This includes Compressor, Evaporator, condensers and other accessories.

Dedicated safety controller with separate sensor to switch off the power supply in case of overshoot and undershoot of temperature giving audio visual alarm.

Data Scanner 4 point temperature and 4 point humidity or 8 point temperature 8 point humidity complete with Sensors and printer interface and data storage facility.

Facility to store, print records on printer with set values, process values, date and time with variable print time interval. Data storage facility to print the data online and offline, suitable for 80 col. Dot matrix printer. Printer interface for LUX & UV meter atomatic shut off after specified exposure level

CFR 21 Part 11 compliance web based communication software for data management. Complete with RS 485 multi dropping to monitor multiple chambers to one software

PC Interface with communication allows remote monitoring and data logging to control the chamber. Web based software having reports in tabular as well as graphical form.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor :
Electronic capacitance type Temperature & Humidity Sensors, which will avoid wick, cup and water

For auto changeover of standby systems and other event managements with 3.7" LCD display with touch screen security lock for prevention of unauthorized tampering.

  • Set and view control parameters

  • Complying US FDA 21 CFR Part 11

  • Access Control and different access levels

  • Multi user with individual user name and password

  • Database protection, backup and restore facility

  • Online and offline trends

  • Chamber wise report / trend generation, printing facility reports can be export to other formats (PDF, Excel)

  • Analysis of stored data

  • Alarm acknowledgment with user comments

  • Auto logout and account lockout facility

  • Access control with unique username and password

  • Reconfirmation of username and password for change of critical parameters alphanumeric password

  • Password aging complying US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Date and Time stamp audit trails user equipments

  • Alarms SMS audit trails seaparate alarm and log data recording SOP for installation backup, restore, software operation.

For GMP complaint models LABTOP offers IQ, OQ, PQ and DQ validation with documentation, reports, calibration and test certificates

The equipment is calibrated with the help of master calibrator, which is certified for its accuracy by Electronics Regional Testing Laboratory  (ERTL West) Government of INDIA recognized testing laboratory with traceable reference to National Physical Laboratories (NPL)

  Technical Specification
Cat. No. LSC-170/G* LSC-290/G* LSC-350/G* LSC-450/G* LSC-600/G* LSC-1000/G*
Volume 170 ltrs. 290 ltrs. 350 ltrs. 450 ltrs. 600 ltrs. 1000 ltrs.
Inner Size
50x41x84 58x50x102
64X58X122 68X61X146 115X60X146
Outer Size
63x63x143 70x74x153
75X82X178 80X65X202 126X84X202
Temperature 20 to 60 C. 20 to 60 C. 20 to 60 C. 20 to 60 C. 20 to 60 C. 20 to 60 C.
Accuracy 0.2 C 0.2 C 0.2 C 0.2 C 0.2 C 0.2 C
Humidity Rh % 40 to 95 % 40 to 95 % 40 to 95 % 40 to 95 % 40 to 95 % 40 to 95 %
Accuracy 2 % 2 % 2 % 2 % 2 % 2 %
Uniformity 3 % 3 % 3 % 3 % 3 % 3 %

* GMP model: Inner chamber is made of SS 316, 0.8 mm thickness and outer is of S.S 304, 1.0 mm thickness
NB: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice



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